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Biocide for Diesel fuel

Biocide for Diesel fuel

Professional product with a high concentration indicated in the case of bacterial contamination in the fuel tanks of vehicles and storage tanks.

Specifically Recommended in case of bacteria proliferation and consequent formation of “organic fouling” or “algae” (which is caused by the presence of biodiesel water or condensation). Especially suitable in cases where bacteria proliferation can cause the clogging of Diesel oil filters.

The product is soluble and distributed effectively in both phases the hydrocarbon phase and in the aqueous phase. In particular when used at the interface, it carries a broad-spectrum biocidal action.
For the treatment of all types of diesel fuel, biodiesel and mixtures thereof. Compatible with all exhaust gases abatement systems.

Isopropyl Alcohol Biocide

Used in the production of diesel fuel.