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Additives for fuel vehicles

Additive multifunctional LPG or natural gas

LPG vehicles require some extra maintenance than the corresponding petrol models, related to the LPG methane engine, which means more expensive and more frequent maintenance.

The functioning of LPG or methane stresses more the engine because of the chemical characteristics of the fuel in question. This leads the valves and their locations to deteriorate prematurely unless they have been strengthen by the manufacturer.

In order to solve or prevent the problem as much as possible, the solution is given by an appropriate treatment of LPG, through the use of multifunctional packages that give those lubricity characteristics, detergency and anti-wear, as it is done with diesel and gasoline.

For these reasons Chemplane studied and formulated a multifunctional package:
Plangas G510, aims to treat GPL and make it less invasive for the engines and it provides a number of advantages / benefits:

  1. Improves the quality of LPG
  2. Reduces and prevents the problems inherent to the nature of LPG
  3. Reduces extra costs of engine maintenance
  4. Promotes and encourages the use of LPG as lower pollutant.

AntiOx x Jet Fuel

Protects jet fuel against the effects of oxidation during transportation and storage.

It meets current requirements for both civil and military fuel specifications as defined by chemical composition and stated use levels.

AntiOx x Fame

PlanOX 1529 is a biodiesel antioxidant that will prevent oxidation and increase storage stability of biodiesel and BX blends.

Antistatic for Diesel fuel

It allows users to respect the more restrictive conductivity specification (> 150 pS/m) and to minimize the risk of electrostatic discharge during handling, pumping and storage.

Cetane Improver

Cetane Improver (also known as 2-Ethylhexyl Nitrate) is designed for blending with diesel fuel to decrease the ignition delay and therefore raise the Cetane number, “Since 2000, the European specification on diesel fuel requires a minimum Cetane rating of 51. “It improves the performance of commercialized gasoil by easier starting at low temperature, smoother warm-up with less misfiring, reducing the fuel consumption and emissions.

Diesel fuel quality may be improved by the addition of small quantities of Cetane Improver.
The degree of improvement it depends upon the specific composition and the Cetane number of the clear fuel. Generally, an addition of 0.1 percent, i.e. 1 litre to 1000 litres diesel fuel, will increase the Cetane number by about 10 percent. Performance should be measured with standard Cetane test (ASTM D 613-95).

Cetane Improver is readily dispersed and may be added to diesel fuel at any stages of production / commercialization of the fuel in order to provide the quality require

Cleaner fuels

Injection system deposits elimination:

  • Reducing excessive consumption (avoiding deposits in the injector);
  • Reducing exhaust emissions;
  • Maintaining performance (power, vitality);
  • Improving drivability.

Flow Improver (CFPP)

It is an organic copolymers solution in an aromatic solvent that improves the cold flow properties of middle distillates.

It is particularly recommended for treating a wide variety of diesel fuel and domestic heating oil and it has the following key properties:

  • paraffin crystals size reducing at low temperature;
  • crystallization process interfering with a certain paraffinic range;
  • crystal network growing prevention.

Lubricity Improver

It is a solvent-free blend of mono-carboxylic aliphatic and polycyclic compounds (Tall Oil Fatty Acid), especially designed for lubricity improvement of a wide range of ULSD fuels.
Laboratory testing has proven that lubricity improver offers the following advantages:

  • improves lubricity properties of diesel fuel;
  • reduces fuel injection equipment wear and therefore improves engine durability;
  • protects fuel tanks and lines against corrosion;
  • does not degrade the injector cleanliness.

Multifunctional packages

Special additive combinations for Diesel Fuel or gasoline can be formulated on request and mixtures can be customized. Otherwise, they can be also prepared under our specific indications.

Odorant for raw or industrial sites

It is used by oil companies in order to reduce odours, both in raw and industrial areas; can also be used for scenting additive mixtures whose components can create unpleasant odors.

Octane Booster

Used as an improver of the octane number in gasoline